2018 Summer Kenya Missions Trip

Blue Hens for Christ students will experience first-hand how God is working in the lives and land of this complex nation.  Students will be traveling for 2 or more weeks missions assignments to live and work with a local Kenyan school and surrounding communities.  We will be working in with the Kalenjin-speaking people in Western Kenya who the outreach has been working with since 1982.  Each student will be working as teams alongside the school teaching Christ and English, rural churches and friendly villages.

“I’m convinced each student can learn much this summer about how they might make a lasting impact on the school children, teachers and staff, the local church and the surrounding neighborhoods. Their mere presence at the school, along with the work of the other interns, raises its credibility several notches in the eyes of Kenyan parents.” – Dr. Cox (Missionary to Sangalo Kenya for 30+ years)

Apply for this Trip

Location: Mariann Primary School, Sangalo, Kalenjin-speaking people in Western Kenya
Dates: Mid June to early July (exact dates TBA)
Ministry Focus: Local Ministry Support, Evangelism
Who may apply for this program: Participants in Blue Hens for Christ, and UD Students
Cost: $2,000 (very close estimate)

Director:  Tim Snyder (Mariann’s husband) and Rusty Jordan, Joseph Kitur