February 2017 Events

We hope your semester has started off well! Here are our planned events for 2017! We of course have our weekly Dinner and Study from 7 PM to 9 PM on Tuesday nights at the Campus House (17 East Park Place, Newark, Delaware 19716) as well as our Hard Questions Bible Study at 7 PM on Sundays, also at the Campus House. We’ll have random gatherings and events throughout the month as well, so keep an eye out for text messages! If you are not getting Blue Hens for Christ text messages and would like to receive them, text your name to 302-444-2922.

February 9: 5 PM-8 PM
Service Project at Cedars Food Pantry
Come help at a local food pantry! There will be free dinner! This event generally occurs once per month on Thursdays. Contact  Rusty Jordan with any questions and if you need a ride (302-383-2899).

February 10: 7 PM-9 PM
Game Night
Come have fun at the Campus House (17 East Park Place, Newark, Delaware 19716) playing board games and video games while enjoying yummy food!

February 11: 6 PM-8 PM
Glow Nerf War
Have a blast at the Newark Church of Christ by taking a side in a glowstick Nerf battles! If you want to bring your own Nerf equipment, make sure the projectiles are soft. Contact Rusty Jordan with any questions and if you need a ride (302-383-2899).

February 17: 7 PM-9 PM
Paint Night
Let your imagination run free at our Paint Night! Whether you are an experienced painter or a beginner, you are welcome to this event. Alex DiDonato, a Blue Hens for Christ minister with a bachelor’s degree in art, will be leading this event. Contact Alex (alexdido@udel.edu) with any questions.

February 25? (Tentative): 8 AM-9 PM
Ski Trip (Cost TBA – will be reduced price)
Join us on a fun ski trip for a reduced price! Contact Devon Kreer (devonk@udel.edu) with any questions.