Sponsor a Refugee Family

As we have been preparing to do God’s work with refugee families in Athens Greece, an opportunity has risen for us to help share Christ’s sacrificial love at a 4 day retreat in Corinth.  The Omonia Church has asked us to join them on a retreat to “Love thy Neighbor,” spending time in prayer, listening and studying God’s word together.  The church, through much prayer and a lot of time outreaching, has handpicked 5 families they believe, in their words, “are already in love and following Christ, they just don’t know it yet.” This is a prime opportunity to help them let go of self and cultural restraints taking on Christ and Lord of their lives and become fully united with Christ as their Savior.

NOTE: We were not asked to do this but we felt called to help be even more of a blessing to these families and the church and would like to help the refugee families cover some of their costs to attend this Christ filled retreat.

Please help us sponsor and love on these refugee families; as of a week ago we have 10 parents ($215 each) and 17 children ($107 each) joining us for this event.  Be a part of their journey to Christ, and sponsor or partially sponsor someone today.

There are 2 ways you can help:

  1. Spend a Check by June 10th to the Newark Church (91 Salem Church Rd, Newark DE 19713), with “Athens Refugee Retreat” in the Memo. (You can also do this online by using your online Bill pay system, watch this video https://youtu.be/V2yeCR6C1bQ to learn how.)
  2. Or by Paypal and send me an email (rustysmail at gmail dot com) so we know where the donations goes to.