About Us

We confess, we suck at religion! We all do. We’ve been quick to pass judgment, play the hypocrite, be distracted with political agendas, and follow rules we’ve made up. We’ve also been slow to show mercy and compassion, be humble, and embrace the teachings of Jesus in our lives.

In the midst of our bad experiences and hang-ups, it’s easy for us to become disillusioned. In any negative version of faith we can develop a distorted picture of God by projecting a misconception upon Him. We begin looking for reasons not to believe. Yet, we don’t realize that this process is natural and healthy. The challenge is to own something in place of the thing disowned.

We at Blue Hens for Christ are striving to create a come-as-you-are culture in the church. We recognize that we are all imperfect people, and we are all on a spiritual journey—a process of owning our faith. It is this sort of community that we invite you to join, whether you are a Christ-follower, a skeptic, a cynic, or one who is just curious. We hope that this website will help you get familiar with our ministry and the opportunities available for you to get involved as we grow to love God, Jesus, and each other!

We are a nondenominational Registered Student Organization at the University of Delaware, supported by the Newark Church of Christ and the Delaware Christian Campus Ministry Foundation. How do we differ from other Christian organizations on campus? We are a little smaller (compared to other groups like Intervarsity and Baptist Student Ministry), and strive to have more personal connections with one another. At Blue Hens for Christ, you’ll get to know your fellow members all by name, while also developing great friendships with one another! You will meet people of many different nationalities, cultures, interests, and backgrounds! If you’ve been looking to check out a Christian organization, and this sounds like the right one for you, come check us out! You’ll be happy you came!

Visit our Campus House at 17 East Park Place in Newark, Delaware (19716).